Grace Caroline Currey in a Fight for Survival in ‘The Breed’ Remake

Grace Caroline Currey, known for her role in the successful movie Fall in 2022, will lead in the remake of Wes Craven’s The Breed. This version offers a fresh perspective on the original movie’s story.

Currey plays Violet, who tries to save abandoned dogs and ends up on a scary island from the original movie. There, she encounters dangerous dogs that turn her mission into a struggle to survive.

Nathan and Griff Furst, who directed Nightmare Shark, will direct this remake. Griff’s work includes animal attack films like Lake Placid 3 and Ghost Shark.

The success of the remake might rely on Grace Caroline Currey. Her performance in Fall showed she can lead a thriller. Her role as Violet involves facing unexpected dangers while trying to rescue dogs. This story could resonate with audiences.

The Breed remake has the advantage of not having to live up to the original’s legacy. This could help the film surpass the original. Recent successes in animal horror movies, like The Shallows, The Meg, Crawl, and Beast, suggest that The Breed could be well-received by tapping into this trend of survival against dangerous animals.

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