The Fall Guy (2024) Review: A Stuntman’s Love Letter

I recently watched “The Fall Guy,” directed by David Leitch, and here’s my take on it. The movie is a tribute to stunt people and their fearless work in the film industry. It mixes action, comedy, and romance, and honestly, it’s more fun than I expected.

Ryan Gosling plays Colt, a stuntman who combines his character from “Drive” with his natural charm. He’s vulnerable yet funny, making him very relatable. Emily Blunt, as Jody, is also great. Her scenes with Gosling are charming, and she brings her own star power. Winston Duke and Aaron Taylor-Johnson add good support, especially with Johnson’s funny act.

The action scenes are impressive. The stunts are breathtaking, especially the cannon roll and the fight in a spinning dumpster. These stunts show the risks stunt people take to entertain us. The film also includes behind-the-scenes looks at how these stunts are done, which is fascinating.

However, not everything is perfect. The film starts strong but gets a bit lost in the middle. It turns into a mix of murder mystery and romance that doesn’t fit well. Some dialogues in these scenes are weak and could have been better. But, the chemistry between Gosling and Blunt keeps things interesting, even in slower moments.

The ending is fantastic. It’s big, and the stunts are more about performance than fighting. It feels like a nod to classic action movies. This part of the movie reminds us why we love cinema – for the thrill and spectacle.

Overall, “The Fall Guy” is a love letter to the unsung heroes of cinema, the stunt community. While it falls short in comedy, the action and the lead actors’ chemistry make up for it. It’s a fun movie that brings back the joy of simple, thrilling cinema without needing complicated plots or special effects.

So, if you love movies and want to see something that celebrates filmmaking and real stunts, this is a good pick. Just don’t expect non-stop laughs and enjoy the ride!

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