Top 20 Funniest Bollywood Comedy Movies That Guarantees Laughter!

Life got you down? Need a good dose of laughter? Then look no further than Bollywood, the land of larger-than-life characters, catchy tunes, and hilarious situations!

This list explores the India’s funniest comedy movies, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and leave you wanting more. Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, and all are here to make you laugh.

1. Hera Pheri

Three struggling individuals, Raju (Akshay Kumar), Shyam (Sunil Shetty), and Baburao (Paresh Rawal), find themselves caught in a hilarious web of confusion and chaos after a wrong number connects them to a ransom call.

2. Dhamaal

Four friends, Adi (Arshad Warsi), Manav (Javed Jaffrey), Roy (Riteish Deshmukh), and Boman (Aashish Chaudhary), stumble upon a dying man with a secret treasure map. Their quest for the hidden loot leads to uproarious situations and a roller-coaster ride.

3. Hungama

A series of misunderstandings and mistaken identities unfold when Akshaye Khanna, Aftab Shivdasani, Rimi Sen, and Paresh Rawal find themselves entangled in a web of confusion, leading to hilarious consequences in this comedy of errors.

4. Welcome

The eccentric Uday (Nana Patekar) and Majnu (Anil Kapoor) find themselves in a comic conundrum when they attempt to marry off their sister to a decent man, but things take an unexpected turn when they discover her love interest is Rajiv (Akshay Kumar).

5. Phir Hera Pheri

Raju (Akshay Kumar), Shyam (Sunil Shetty), and Baburao (Paresh Rawal) return in this sequel, facing new challenges and hilarious situations as they unintentionally get involved in a counterfeit currency scam.

6. Chup Chup Ke

Jeetu (Shahid Kapoor), a young man drowning in debt, attempts suicide but is rescued by fisherman Bandya (Paresh Rawal). Mistaken identities and comic twists unfold when Jeetu pretends to be mute and deaf to escape his creditors.

7. Malamaal Weekly

The village of Laholi faces uproar when a villager, Lilaram (Paresh Rawal), discovers he holds the winning ticket to a lottery. The quest to claim the prize becomes a chaotic and humorous journey involving quirky characters.

8. Bhagam Bhag

Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, and Govinda find themselves entangled in a murder mystery while rehearsing for a play. The plot takes comedic turns as they attempt to unravel the mystery and escape the clutches of the law.

9. Dhol

Four friends – Sameer (Tusshar Kapoor), Pankaj (Sharman Joshi), Martand (Rajpal Yadav), and Gautam (Kunal Khemu) – accidentally become involved in a murder. The film unfolds as they try to escape the consequences with their comedic and quirky antics.

10. Golmaal: Fun Unlimited

Gopal (Ajay Devgn), Laxman (Shreyas Talpade), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), and Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor) find themselves in a series of comic situations when they lie to their employer, leading to a web of misunderstandings and laughter.

11. De Dana Dan

Nitin (Akshay Kumar) and Ram (Sunil Shetty) inadvertently get involved in a kidnapping plot to earn quick money. The chaotic and humorous events unfold as they try to navigate through a maze of misunderstandings and eccentric characters.

12. Hulchul

A tale of love, family feuds, and mistaken identities, Hulchul follows the story of Jai (Akshaye Khanna) and Anjali (Kareena Kapoor) as they try to unite their warring families, leading to uproarious consequences.

13. All the Best

Veer (Fardeen Khan) pretends to be married to his friend Prem’s (Ajay Devgn) girlfriend to maintain harmony. The plan backfires, leading to a series of comic events involving mistaken identities and humorous misunderstandings.

14. Khichdi: The Movie

The eccentric Parekh family, known for their bizarre rituals and unique way of life, finds themselves in a quirky adventure when their family deity’s idol goes missing, leading to a comical quest to retrieve it.

15. Housefull

A series of misunderstandings, lies, and chaotic events unfold when Aarush (Akshay Kumar) finds himself entangled in a web of relationships with three different women. The film takes the audience on a laughter-filled ride through the resulting confusion.

16. Munnabhai MBBS

Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) pretends to be a medical student to fulfill his father’s dream, leading to a series of comedic events when he ends up in a medical college and befriends the strict dean, Dr. Asthana (Boman Irani).

17. Andaz Apna Apna

Amar (Aamir Khan) and Prem (Salman Khan) are two young men with dreams of getting rich. Mistaken identities, love interests, and a quest for wealth lead to hilarious situations in this classic comedy.

18. Partner

Bhaskar (Govinda) seeks the help of Love Guru Prem (Salman Khan) to win over his lady love Priya (Katrina Kaif). The film unfolds with a blend of romance and comedy as Prem guides Bhaskar in matters of the heart.

19. Bol Bachchan

Abbas Ali (Abhishek Bachchan) creates a web of lies to hide his identity. The comedy unfolds as he tries to maintain these dual identities to please his employer Prithviraj (Ajay Devgn).

20. Son of Sardar

Jassi (Ajay Devgn) returns to his ancestral village. Unaware of the long-standing family feud between his family and the Sandhus, Jassi becomes embroiled in a comical war of wits and pranks.

These Bollywood comedy films offer a delightful mix of laughter, misunderstandings, and quirky characters, providing you with an entertaining escape into the world of humor. Laughter is guaranteed!

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