Top 15 Found Footage Horror Films Full of Jumpscares

Love getting scared out of your seat? Found footage horror movies are all about the jump scares, with shaky cameras putting you right in the thick of the terror.

Found footage films, shot like real life documentary footage, are notorious for their creepiness and ability to make you feel like you’re right there with the characters. Here are the best horror movies that you should watch.

1. The Blair Witch Project

In “The Blair Witch Project,” three film students, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael C. Williams, go into the Maryland woods to document a local legend, the Blair Witch. They get lost and experience terrifying events.

2. REC

“REC” follows a reporter, Angela Vidal, played by Manuela Velasco, and her cameraman Pablo, as they accompany firefighters to an apartment building. They get trapped with residents who are infected with a virus that turns them aggressive.

3. Troll Hunter

“Trollhunter” is about three college students, Thomas, Johanna, and their cameraman Kalle, who follow a mysterious hunter, Hans, played by Otto Jespersen, learning he’s actually a troll hunter tracking down giant trolls in Norway.

4. Unfriended

In “Unfriended,” a group of friends on a video call, including Blaire, Mitch, Jess, Ken, and Adam, are haunted by a mysterious figure seeking revenge for a shamed girl who killed herself because of a video they were involved in.

5. Cloverfield

“Cloverfield” follows Rob, Beth, Hud, Marlena, and Lily as they face New York City during a catastrophic attack by a giant monster. The chaos and destruction are recorded on their camcorder.

6. Noroi: The Curse

“Noroi: The Curse” features a paranormal investigator, Masafumi Kobayashi, who documents the strange occurrences linked to an ancient demon, Kagutaba. His investigation leads to horrifying revelations involving multiple people.

7. Paranormal Activity

“Paranormal Activity” revolves around a couple, Katie and Micah, experiencing disturbing events in their home. They set up cameras which capture increasingly terrifying supernatural phenomena, hinting at a demonic presence.

8. V/H/S

“V/H/S” is a collection of short horror stories found on VHS tapes. A group of petty criminals break into a house to retrieve a rare tape but find themselves watching horrific scenes involving supernatural entities and gruesome deaths.

9. Incantation

“Incantation” tells the story of Ronan, who breaks a religious taboo and suffers the consequences. Her daughter, Dodo, becomes the target of a curse, and Ronan must find a way to save her.

10. Host

“Host” takes place during a lockdown where a group of friends, Haley, Jemma, Emma, Radina, and Caroline, conduct a séance over a video call. They unintentionally invite a demonic presence into their homes, leading to terrifying encounters.

11. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

“Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” is about a group of YouTubers exploring an abandoned asylum reputed to be haunted. The team, led by Ha-Joon, experiences disturbing paranormal activities that become increasingly dangerous.

12. The Taking of Deborah Logan

“The Taking of Deborah Logan” focuses on a student filmmaker, Mia, documenting the Alzheimer’s progression of Deborah Logan. Strange events reveal that something much more sinister is happening, involving possession and a dark past.

13. Creep

“Creep” involves a videographer, Aaron, answering a Craigslist ad to film Josef, who claims to have a terminal illness and wants to leave a video for his unborn child. The job turns terrifying as Josef’s behavior becomes increasingly bizarre and dangerous.

14. Willow Creek

“Willow Creek” follows Jim and his girlfriend, Kelly, who are in Willow Creek, California, to film a documentary about Bigfoot. They explore the forests and encounter eerie and frightening events.

15. Deadstream

In “Deadstream,” a disgraced internet personality, Shawn Ruddy, attempts to win back fans by live streaming himself spending one night in a haunted house. He faces off against vengeful spirits, with the night turning into a fight for survival.

I dare you to watch these movies alone at night. I bet you can’t. Hopefully this list helped you find a new favorite found footage film to haunt your dreams.

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