Top 20 Amazing Hong Kong Films Worth Watching At Least Once

Have you explored the film industry of Hong Kong? Their movies are a wild ride. They’re packed with heart-pounding action, hilarious comedy, and moving drama, all wrapped up in a unique cultural blend.

From legendary martial arts epics to gritty gangster flicks and tearjerking romances, Hong Kong cinema will leave you stunned. Here are the best Hong Kong movies of all time.

1. Chungking Express

Chungking Express unfolds with Officer 223 (Takeshi Kaneshiro) encountering a quirky woman in a blonde wig, sparking an unexpected connection. Simultaneously, Officer 663 (Tony Leung) becomes entangled with a woman, exploring profound themes of loneliness and missed connections against the vibrant backdrop of the bustling city.

2. The Mission

The Mission unfolds with a group of five highly skilled bodyguards (Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Jackie Cheung, Roy Cheung, Lam Suet) tasked with safeguarding a powerful gang leader. As they navigate internal conflicts and face external threats, the story delves into the intricate dynamics of loyalty and trust within the unforgiving criminal underworld.

3. One Nite in Mongkok

Set against the notorious backdrop of Mongkok, the film follows a hitman (Daniel Wu) hired to eliminate a powerful triad boss. Amidst the chaos, a young woman (Cecilia Cheung) unexpectedly becomes entangled in the perilous world of crime, unfolding against the gritty urban landscape with themes of survival and unpredictability.

4. In the Mood for Love

Directed by Wong Kar-wai, In the Mood for Love explores the restrained relationship between neighbors, Mrs. Chan (Maggie Cheung) and Mr. Chow (Tony Leung). Their unique bond forms after the revelation of their spouses’ affair, portraying unspoken desires and unfulfilled love with visually stunning cinematography.

5. Lost and Found

Lost and Found weaves together multiple stories of individuals searching for meaning in their lives. Starring Kelly Chan, Michael Wong, and Shawn Yue, the film explores the interconnectedness of these characters in a city filled with lost souls, emphasizing themes of rediscovery and human connection.

6. Running Out of Time

Running Out of Time revolves around a terminally ill man (Andy Lau) who orchestrates a series of elaborate crimes. As he engages in a cat-and-mouse game with a brilliant detective (Lau Ching-wan), the film unfolds with suspense and twists, exploring the motivations behind the protagonist’s actions.

7. Limbo

Limbo tells the story of a troubled police officer (Alex Fong) who gets entangled in a series of mysterious events while investigating a murder case. As he delves deeper into the dark secrets of the case, the line between right and wrong becomes increasingly blurred, leading to unexpected consequences.

8. A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow follows the lives of two brothers, one a former triad member (Chow Yun-fat) seeking redemption and the other an aspiring police officer (Ti Lung). Their paths collide as they confront loyalty, betrayal, and the consequences of their choices in the ruthless criminal underworld.

9. Exiled

Exiled revolves around a group of hitmen (Anthony Wong, Francis Ng, Nick Cheung, Josie Ho, Roy Cheung) tasked with carrying out a mission in Macau. The film explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the impact of choices in the high-stakes world of organized crime.

10. Comrades: Almost a Love Story

Comrades: Almost a Love Story traces the love story between two mainland Chinese immigrants, played by Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai, who meet in Hong Kong. Spanning over a decade, the film explores the challenges of love, timing, and the pursuit of dreams in a new land.

11. Throw Down

Throw Down centers around three individuals drawn together by their love for judo. Directed by Johnnie To, the film weaves a tale of redemption, camaraderie, and self-discovery as the characters confront their past and find solace in the discipline of martial arts.

12. A Moment of Romance

A Moment of Romance follows the unlikely love story between a young triad member (Andy Lau) and a simple country girl (Wu Chien-lien). Against the backdrop of a violent gang world, the film explores the complexities of love and sacrifice.

13. Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled, directed by John Woo, features Chow Yun-fat as a tough cop immersed in a war between the police and a powerful criminal syndicate. The film is known for its intense action sequences, stylish gunplay, and the iconic collaboration between Woo and Chow.

14. Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs revolves around the intense cat-and-mouse game between an undercover cop (Tony Leung) embedded in a criminal organization and a mole (Andy Lau) within the police force. As their paths intertwine, the film explores themes of deception, loyalty, and the blurred lines between good and evil.

15. Ip Man

Ip Man tells the biographical story of Yip Man (Donnie Yen), a martial arts master who becomes the mentor of Bruce Lee. Set against the backdrop of wartime China, the film showcases Ip Man’s journey and his dedication to preserving the art of Wing Chun.

16. Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels, another Wong Kar-wai masterpiece, interweaves multiple characters’ stories in the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong. The film explores themes of love, loneliness, and the transient nature of human connections with visually striking cinematography.

17. The Killer

Directed by John Woo, The Killer features Chow Yun-fat as an assassin seeking redemption after accidentally blinding a singer (Sally Yeh) during a hit. The film is renowned for its stylized action sequences and emotional depth, exploring themes of honor and sacrifice.

18. Fist of Legend

Fist of Legend, starring Jet Li, is a martial arts film set in the 1930s, portraying the story of a Chinese martial artist returning to his school to avenge his master’s death. The film explores themes of honor, loyalty, and the clash between traditional Chinese martial arts and Japanese influence.

19. A Simple Life

A Simple Life revolves around the relationship between a film producer (Andy Lau) and his family’s longtime maid (Deanie Ip) after she is diagnosed with cancer. The film explores themes of compassion, aging, and the simplicity of genuine human connections.

20. Overheard

Overheard follows a group of surveillance experts (Lau Ching-wan, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu) who accidentally uncover a stock market manipulation scheme. As they grapple with moral dilemmas and personal conflicts, the film delves into the consequences of eavesdropping on others’ secrets.

That’s a wrap on this top 20 picks for must-watch Hong Kong films! I hope this list ignited your interest in exploring the vast and exciting world of Hong Kong cinema. Happy watching!

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