Top 15 Amazing Korean Films Currently Streaming on Netflix

Calling all movie fans! Tired of the same old Hollywood flicks? Dive into the thrilling world of Korean cinema with this list of good Korean films, all streaming right now on Netflix!

Forget subtitles and dubs – we’re keeping it simple with easy-to-follow stories that’ll have you hooked from the first scene. From laugh-out-loud comedies to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, this list has something for everyone.

1. 20th Century Girl

Set in 1999, “20th Century Girl” follows high schooler Bo-ra (Kim Yoo-jung) who helps her best friend Yeon-du (Roh Yoon-seo) spy on her crush Hyun-jin (Park Jung-woo). But as Bo-ra gets to know Hyun-jin, she develops her own feelings, leading to a bittersweet love triangle.

2. Silenced

“Silenced” sheds light on a dark and impactful narrative, starring Gong Yoo. The movie delves into the disturbing reality of child abuse within a school, exposing the painful journey of a newly-appointed art teacher who strives to unveil the truth and seek justice.

3. Tune in for Love

A poignant love story, “Tune in for Love” stars Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in. The plot revolves around Mi-soo and Hyun-woo, who meet during different times over two decades, navigating the complexities of life, missed chances, and the enduring power of true love.

4. Forgotten

“Forgotten” unfolds a gripping mystery with Kang Ha-neul in the lead. When Jin-seok’s brother returns home with no memory and strange behavior, a suspenseful journey begins to uncover the truth behind his mysterious disappearance and the dark secrets surrounding their family.

5. Along with the Gods: Two Worlds

A fantasy epic featuring Ha Jung-woo and Cha Tae-hyun, “Along with the Gods: Two Worlds” follows the journey of a firefighter who must undergo trials in the afterlife, guided by three guardians. The film weaves together stunning visuals and a compelling story of redemption.

6. Time to Hunt

Starring Lee Je-hoon, “Time to Hunt” is a tense thriller set in a dystopian future. The film revolves around a group of friends who plan a heist in a world where they are pursued by a relentless assassin, leading to a high-stakes game of survival.

7. Night in Paradise

This gritty crime drama stars Um Tae-goo. “Night in Paradise” unfolds the story of a mobster seeking refuge in Jeju Island after a tragic incident, finding unexpected connections and a fight for survival in a world filled with danger.

8. Space Sweepers

Featuring Song Joong-ki, “Space Sweepers” takes audiences to a futuristic space setting. The crew of a space junk collector ship discovers a humanoid robot that could change the fate of humanity, leading to an action-packed adventure with a blend of humor and excitement.

9. The Call

Starring Park Shin-hye and Jun Jong-seo, “The Call” introduces a suspenseful concept. Two women living in different timelines connect through a mysterious phone call, altering their destinies as they attempt to change each other’s fates.

10. Dream

A sports drama led by Park Seo-joon, “Dream” revolves around a soccer coach recruiting a group of people with diverse backgrounds to form an unconventional team. The film explores the power of teamwork and the pursuit of dreams.

11. Along with the Gods: Last 49 Days

The sequel to “Two Worlds,” this installment continues the journey with Ha Jung-woo and Ju Ji-hoon. As the deceased firefighter faces more trials in the afterlife, deeper secrets are unveiled, testing the loyalty of the guardians.

12. Okja

Bong Joon-ho’s adventure film features Ahn Seo-hyun. “Okja” follows the bond between a young girl and a massive genetically-engineered pig, raising questions about the ethics of the meat industry and the connection between humans and animals.

13. Pandora

Starring Kim Nam-gil, “Pandora” is a disaster film centered around a nuclear power plant crisis. The story follows a man’s efforts to save his family and community from the aftermath of a catastrophic event, exploring themes of sacrifice and resilience.

14. Miss Granny

A heartwarming comedy featuring Shim Eun-kyung, “Miss Granny” tells the story of a 70-year-old woman who magically transforms into her 20-year-old self. The film explores themes of second chances, family, and pursuing one’s dreams with a delightful touch.

15. Psychokinesis

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, “Psychokinesis” stars Ryu Seung-ryong. The film follows a bumbling man who gains telekinetic powers and uses them to protect his estranged daughter from a corrupt corporation, blending humor and action in a unique superhero story.

Remember, this is just a starting point. There are countless other Korean gems waiting to be unearthed on Netflix. So, keep exploring, keep watching, and keep falling in love with the magic of Korean storytelling.

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