20 Must-Watch Korean Films With Excellent Ratings

South Korean cinema has taken the world by storm in recent years, with its unique blend of genres, compelling storytelling, and stunning visuals. From thrillers and dramas to comedies and romances, there’s a Korean movie out there for everyone.

To save you from searching a good Korean movie to watch, here I’ve handpicked the most popular movies that are perfect to watch.

1. Miracle in Cell No. 7

In jail, a man with an intellectual disability who was wrongfully convicted makes friends and finds meaning in his life to get his little daughter back. The story will melt your heart and make you cry for sure.

2. Silenced

This movie breaks the silence on abuse at a deaf school. It’s a fight for justice, a cry for those who can’t be heard, and a harsh condemnation of the evil of power. It’s not just a film, it’s a reckoning, a masterpiece that burns with truth.

3. Parasite

Oscar-winning movie about a poor family whose members plan to work for a rich family. Class inequality and greed are explored in this masterclass in suspense and social criticism.

4. The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion

When a mysterious girl who has lost her memory uses her telekinetic skills, she draws both protectors and dangerous people who want to use her abilities against her. It’s a thrilling mix of sci-fi, action, and horror.

5. Burning

Burning is one of the best suspense movie that is about a young author who meets and falls for his childhood friend. Later, she introduces him to a mysterious man who has a strange hobby which leads to something unusual.

6. Be With You

When a wife says she’ll come back on a rainy day, she does, but she doesn’t remember anything. Dad and son learn to love again while sharing happiness and sadness. This film is a tearful testament to everlasting bonds.

7. Train To Busan

A dad takes his daughter on a train to Busan for her birthday. A zombie outbreak traps them onboard, forcing them to fight for survival against the infected. This is the best zombie survival movie that you can watch.

8. Forgotten

The story is about a boy who returns home after 19-day kidnapping, but something’s off. His memories are hazy and behavior is strange. His brother digs for the truth, unearthing a shocking family secret with a mind-blowing plot twist.

9. Oldboy

This movie is a classic thriller and is appreciated worldwide for its direction. It is about a vengeful man who is drugged and imprisoned for 15 years, and hunts his captor, uncovering a web of conspiracy and a shocking truth about his past.

10. My Sassy Girl

A clumsy college student saves a sassy, drunk girl from a train, which sets off a series of strange dates, funny antics, and hidden sadness. It is a timeless romcom film filled with a lot of funny moments.

11. Smugglers

In the 1970s, Korean haenyeo divers, jobless after a chemical plant pollutes their waters, turn to high-stakes smuggling to survive, facing ruthless gangsters, a corrupt official, and a dangerous love triangle.

12. A Tale Of Two Sisters

Haunted by their mother’s death and suspicious of their stepmother, two sisters unravel a chilling truth of betrayal, vengeance, and a ghostly presence lurking in their home. It is the best horror movie of South Korea.

13. Hope

An innocent walk to school turns nightmarish for a young girl, shattering her family’s world. Through grueling recovery and unwavering love, they search for solace amidst unimaginable pain, hoping for justice and a path to heal.

14. A Taxi Driver

A debt-ridden taxi driver takes a German reporter into the heart of the Gwangju Uprising, witnessing brutal government crackdowns and risking everything to smuggle out footage that exposes the truth.

15. Swing Kids

In 1951 Korean War camp, a tap-dancing American officer forms a troupe with reluctant North Korean prisoner, Chinese soldier, and a civilian. They find hope and joy in dance, but face political pressures and dangers.

16. Ode To My Father

From war-torn childhood promise to decades of sacrifice, an ordinary man carries his family through Korea’s tumultuous history, forever haunted by a vow and the love for those he lost. It is a good historical movie to watch.

17. Midnight Runners

This action-comedy movie is about two police academy students who witness a kidnapping and race against time to save the victim, defying authority and using their untested skills to unravel a dangerous conspiracy.

18. Memories Of Murder

In rural 1980s, brutal murders of young women plague a small town. Two detectives with clashing methods and a meticulous Seoul detective hunts for the elusive killer. It is a top-rated thriller Korean movie.

19. Secretly Greatly

Three North Korean spies, disguised as a village idiot, a rocker, and a high schooler, blend into South Korean life. Their loyalty is tested when a sudden order to kill each other arrives, forcing them to choose between their mission and their new identities.

20. The Beauty Inside

A furniture maker with a peculiar condition wakes up in a new body every day, becoming anyone from a child to an elderly person. He falls for a warm-hearted woman, but can their love blossom when his face keeps changing?

These are the Korean movies that got good reviews and a lot of people who’ve seen them say they were good. Share your favorite movie in the comments below.

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