Top 20 Heartwarming Korean Romantic Films You Should Watch

South Korea is not only popular its dramas but also for its film industry. From sweet and silly rom-coms to tearjerking dramas, Korean cinema knows how to make our hearts flutter and melt.

Get ready to swoon, laugh, and maybe even shed a tear (or two) with this list of some of the best romance movies that are completely filled with pure love and a bit of comedy.

1. A Moment to Remember

In this poignant tale, Su-jin and Chul-soo embark on a love story that takes a challenging turn when Su-jin is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Jung Woo-sung portrays the devoted Chul-soo, while Son Ye-jin brings depth to the character of Su-jin.

2. The Classic

A dual-timeline narrative unfolds as Ji-hae discovers her mother’s diary, unveiling a heartfelt love story from the past. Son Ye-jin seamlessly transitions between the roles of Ji-hae and her mother, while Cho Seung-woo skillfully portrays the young Tae-su.

3. More Than Blue

In this touching narrative, childhood friends K and Cream navigate the challenges of life and love, facing the harsh reality of illness together. Kwon Sang-woo embodies the character of K with depth, while Lee Bo-young brings warmth and authenticity to the role of Cream.

4. Be With You

Widower Woo-jin and his son Ji-ho experience a miraculous twist of fate when Ji-ho’s mother, Soo-ah, returns briefly during the rainy season. So Ji-sub portrays the tender and resilient Woo-jin, and Son Ye-jin captivates as the ethereal and fleeting Soo-ah.

5. The Beauty Inside

Woo-jin grapples with waking up in a different body every day but finds love in the consistent presence of Yi-soo. Han Hyo-joo gracefully embodies the character of Yi-soo, while various actors bring diversity to the portrayal of Woo-jin, showcasing the film’s exploration of love beyond physical appearance.

6. My Sassy Girl

Gyeon-woo’s life takes a delightful and humorous turn when he encounters the unpredictable and eccentric sassy girl. Jun Ji-hyun injects charm and energy into the character of the sassy girl, while Cha Tae-hyun delivers a relatable portrayal of Gyeon-woo.

7. Always

Former boxer Cheol-min and visually impaired Jung-hwa form a touching connection, highlighting the transformative power of love. So Ji-sub brings emotional depth to the character of Cheol-min, and Han Hyo-joo portrays the gentle yet resilient Jung-hwa, making “Always” a heartfelt exploration of love overcoming adversity.

8. Tune In for Love

Set in the 1990s, Mi-su and Hyeon-woo’s connection develops over the years, capturing the essence of timing and fate. Kim Go-eun infuses the character of Mi-su with warmth and authenticity, while Jung Hae-in brings charm and sincerity to the role of Hyeon-woo, creating a nostalgic and heartwarming love story.

9. On Your Wedding Day

This romantic comedy-drama explores the nuances of Woo-yeon’s unrequited love for his high school classmate, Seung-hee. Park Bo-young embodies the spirited and charming Seung-hee, while Kim Young-kwang portrays the endearing Woo-yeon.

10. 20th Century Girl

Set in 1999, “20th Century Girl” follows high schooler Bo-ra (Kim Yoo-jung) who helps her best friend Yeon-du (Roh Yoon-seo) spy on her crush Hyun-jin (Park Jung-woo). But as Bo-ra gets to know Hyun-jin, she develops her own feelings, leading to a bittersweet love triangle.

11. 3-iron

In this contemplative romance, a mysterious young man, Tae-suk, enters the lives of people in turmoil by temporarily residing in their homes. Without much dialogue, the film explores unconventional connections and silent understanding. Lee Seung-yeon portrays Sun-hwa.

12. Oasis

A unique love story unfolds between Jong-du, a man with intellectual disabilities recently released from prison, and Gong-ju, a woman with cerebral palsy. Sol Kyung-gu delivers a powerful performance as Jong-du, while Moon So-ri brings depth to the character of Gong-ju.

13. Christmas in August

This classic romance centers on Jung-won, a photographer with a terminal illness, and Da-rim, who works at a parking lot. The film delicately portrays their blossoming love amid the backdrop of Jung-won’s impending fate. Han Suk-kyu embodies the character of Jung-won, and Shim Eun-ha brings authenticity to Da-rim.

14. Il Mare

A magical mailbox connects two individuals, Eun-joo and Sung-hyun, living two years apart. As they exchange letters, they discover a profound connection that transcends time. Jun Ji-hyun portrays Eun-joo, and Lee Jung-jae embodies the character of Sung-hyun, creating a mesmerizing tale of love and destiny.

15. A Werewolf Boy

This fantasy romance unfolds as Sun-yi discovers and befriends a feral boy with wolf-like characteristics. Their bond deepens into love, facing challenges from both society and the boy’s primal instincts. Song Joong-ki brings a portrayal to the character of the werewolf boy, while Park Bo-young embodies Sun-yi.

16. Love 911

A quirky love story develops between a firefighter, Kang-il, and a doctor, Mi-soo, as they find solace in each other’s company. Ko Soo takes on the role of Kang-il, portraying the firefighter’s emotional journey, while Han Hyo-joo brings warmth to the character of Mi-soo, creating a heartwarming narrative.

17. Unforgettable

Ji-hoon and Soo-jin’s love story takes a tragic turn when Ji-hoon is diagnosed with a rare disease that erases memories. The film explores the impact of memory loss on their relationship. Choi Min-ho portrays Ji-hoon, and Kim So-hyun brings depth to the character of Soo-jin, creating a poignant tale of love and loss.

18. My Girl and I

This teen romance revolves around Su-ho and Su-eun, who form an unexpected connection. The film explores themes of friendship, love, and the challenges of adolescence. Cha Tae-hyun takes on the role of Su-ho, and Song Hye-kyo portrays Su-eun, creating a heartwarming portrayal of youthful romance.

19. Once in a Summer

Set against the backdrop of 1969, this film tells the tale of Eun-mo and In-woo, who share a brief but intense summer romance. Lee Byung-hun embodies the character of In-woo, and Soo Ae brings depth to Eun-mo, creating a nostalgic love story.

20. Architecture 101

In this nostalgic romance, Seung-min reflects on his past and his first love, Seo-yeon, as he embarks on a project to reconstruct a house. Uhm Tae-woong portrays the older Seung-min, while Lee Je-hoon brings youthful charm to the character of the younger Seung-min.

Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted comedy or a tearjerker drama, there’s a perfect Korean romance film out there waiting to be discovered. I hope you’ve found your favorite one.

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