Top 16 Most Loved Romantic Movies on Netflix

Craving a cozy night in with a good dose of love? Look no further than Netflix! Whether you’re a seasoned rom-com enthusiast or just looking for a heartwarming escape, the streaming giant has a treasure trove of romances waiting to be discovered.

From classic tearjerkers to quirky romps and steamy dramas, this list will be your guide to the top romantic films currently streaming on Netflix. Let’s get to the list.

1. A Perfect Pairing

“A Perfect Pairing” is a sweet romantic comedy with Emma Roberts and Noah Centineo. The story follows Emily and Jake’s surprise wine tour relationship. Their personalities clash in the vineyards, creating funny but touching situations. Roberts and Centineo’s wonderful performances make this film a perfect blend of comedy and romance as they explore love’s unpredictability.

2. Call Me by Your Name

“Call Me by Your Name” stars Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer in a gripping Italian summer romance between Elio and Oliver. The film follows two young men’s emotional journey to love and desire in 1983 Northern Italy’s lovely setting. Chalamet and Hammer’s outstanding performances and the film’s evocative storyline make it a touching first love story.

3. Greenberg

“Greenberg” looks at the special bond between Greta Gerwig and Ben Stiller’s characters, Florence and Roger. The story is about how complicated relationships and finding out who you are can be as the characters deal with the ups and downs of life. Gerwig and Stiller are both very real in their parts, which makes “Greenberg” a thought-provoking romantic drama with a bit of humor.

4. Along for the Ride

“Along for the Ride” has a touching plot and a great cast that gives the ties between the characters more depth. The story is about a group of friends who deal with the ups and downs of love and friendship. The movie’s realistic acts and situations that are easy to relate to make for an interesting love story that sticks with viewers.

4. The Half of It

“The Half of It” is a coming-of-age romance with a twist, starring Leah Lewis and Daniel Diemer. The plot revolves around Ellie, a shy student hired to write love letters for a jock who’s pursuing the same girl. The film explores themes of identity, friendship, and unspoken emotions, offering a refreshing take on the conventional romantic narrative.

5. Good on Paper

“Good on Paper” unfolds a comedic tale of deception, led by Iliza Shlesinger and Ryan Hansen. The plot follows a stand-up comedian who discovers that her seemingly perfect boyfriend may not be who he appears to be. Shlesinger’s comedic prowess and the film’s witty script make it an entertaining blend of humor and romance.

6. A Jazzman’s Blues

“A Jazzman’s Blues” tells a soulful love story, featuring Jonathan Majors and Zazie Beetz. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant jazz scene, the plot explores the complex relationship between the characters. Majors and Beetz deliver powerful performances, and the film’s evocative soundtrack enhances the emotional depth of this romantic drama.

7. Roped

“Roped” is a charming Western romance, starring Josh Swickard and Lorynn York. The film follows a young cowboy’s journey as he competes in a rodeo and discovers unexpected love. Swickard and York’s on-screen chemistry, combined with the film’s picturesque setting, makes “Roped” a delightful and heartwarming romantic tale.

8. La La Land

A modern musical love story, “La La Land” shows Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s compelling connection. The film follows budding musician Sebastian and actress Mia as they struggle to succeed in Los Angeles. Gosling and Stone’s compelling performances and the film’s spellbinding musical scenes produce a visually gorgeous and emotionally moving romance experience.

9. She’s All That

The classic young love story “She’s All That” stars Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. It all starts with a high school jock’s bet that he can make the art nerd the prom queen. The movie is about finding yourself and real love as the characters deal with stereotypes and expectations. This nostalgic love comedy is made more charming by the way Prinze and Cook work together on screen.

10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is a hilarious romantic comedy featuring Jason Segel and Kristen Bell in a tale of post-breakup chaos. The plot follows Peter, a musician devastated by a recent breakup, as he attempts to move on with a Hawaiian vacation. Segel’s comedic timing and the film’s witty humor make it a laugh-out-loud exploration of heartbreak and healing.

11. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

In “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” Lana Condor and Noah Centineo play two teen lovers who fall in love. What happens is that Lara Jean Covey’s secret love letters get sent to people she used to like. Coupled with the movie’s sweet plot, Condor and Centineo’s charming performances make it a heartwarming look at love, frailty, and finding oneself.

12. Alex Strangelove

“Alex Strangelove” explores the complexities of teenage love with humor, featuring Daniel Doheny and Antonio Marziale. The plot follows Alex, a high school senior who questions his sexuality. Doheny and Marziale’s authentic performances, coupled with the film’s lighthearted approach, make it an engaging and relatable coming-of-age romantic comedy.

13. Set It Up

“Set It Up” is a charming romantic comedy starring Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell. The plot revolves around two overworked assistants who conspire to set up their demanding bosses. Deutch and Powell’s charismatic performances, along with the film’s witty dialogue, create a delightful and entertaining romantic narrative.

14. Silver Linings Playbook

The moving movie “Silver Linings Playbook” stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in a story about love and mental health. The story is about Pat, a man with bipolar disorder, and Tiffany, a widow who is going through her own problems. Pat and Tiffany make an unusual bond. Cooper and Lawrence give strong performances, which make the movie better.

15. Always Be My Maybe

“Always Be My Maybe” is a delightful romantic comedy starring Ali Wong and Randall Park. The film follows childhood friends Sasha and Marcus, who reconnect after years apart. Wong and Park’s comedic chemistry, along with the film’s witty humor, create an entertaining and heartwarming romantic experience.

16. Carol

Beautifully created love story “Carol” stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. The 1950s film follows Carol, a cultured divorcee, and Therese, a teenage photographer, in their secret romance. The subtle acting by Blanchett and Mara, along with the beautiful cinematography, make “Carol” a stunningly beautiful and incredibly powerful film.

With these amazing romantic movies, you’re guaranteed a night of laughter, tears, and maybe even a few butterflies in your stomach. Happy watching!

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