Top 18 Tearjerker Korean Movies That’ll Make You Cry

In the mood for a good cry? Korean cinema knows how to pull at your heartstrings! From deep family bonds to tragic love stories, Korean films cover it all as they are good in evoking emotions.

To make you a crybaby and bring tears in your eyes, here are some of the saddest Korean movies for you. I assure you that they will definitely bring tears.

1. Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War

During the Korean War, two brothers, Jin-tae and Jin-seok, are forcibly drafted. Jin-tae joins dangerous missions with the hope of earning his brother’s release. The war’s brutal impact tests their brotherly bond, leading to profound changes in their relationship and personal beliefs.

2. Salut d’Amour

Sung-chil, a lonely and grumpy old man, meets Geum-nim, a warm-hearted shop owner. They begin a sweet relationship, but challenges arise due to Sung-chil’s past and Geum-nim’s family issues. The couple faces opposition but tries to prove that love can overcome age and old wounds.

3. Hello Ghost

After a failed suicide attempt, Sang-man starts seeing ghosts who each have unresolved issues. They refuse to leave him alone until he helps them complete their unfinished business on Earth, leading Sang-man on unexpected journeys that change his outlook on life.

4. Keys to the Heart

Jo-ha, a washed-up boxer, unexpectedly reunites with his younger brother, Jin-tae, a piano prodigy with intellectual disabilities. The brothers struggle to coexist under one roof due to their different pasts and temperaments. Through music and memories, they learn to understand and support each other.

5. Hearty Paws

Chan and his younger sister So-yi depend heavily on their dog, Ma-eum, for companionship and joy. When So-yi faces a life-threatening situation, Ma-eum demonstrates extraordinary loyalty and bravery. The story shows the unbreakable bond between the siblings and their devoted pet.

6. Miracle in Cell No. 7

Yong-gu, a mentally challenged man, is wrongly imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Inside prison, he befriends his cellmates who help him smuggle his young daughter, Ye-seung, into the cell. They create a family-like atmosphere, which deeply affects both the inmates and the guards.

7. Train to Busan

During a train journey from Seoul to Busan, Seok-woo and his daughter, Su-an, are caught in a sudden zombie outbreak that spreads rapidly among the passengers. As chaos ensues, the father-daughter duo must survive, facing both monstrous threats and human selfishness.

8. A Moment to Remember

Su-jin, a young fashion designer, and Chul-soo, a construction foreman, fall deeply in love and marry. Their bliss is shattered when Su-jin is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The couple faces the challenge of holding onto their memories and love, as Su-jin’s condition deteriorates, and she begins to forget her life with Chul-soo.

9. Closer to Heaven

Ji-soo, a dedicated funeral director, meets and falls in love with Jong-woo, who is battling Lou Gehrig’s disease. As Jong-woo’s health declines, the couple navigates the complexities of love and loss, cherishing each moment together while preparing for the inevitable heartbreak of saying goodbye.

10. Hope

So-won, a young girl, survives a brutal assault, leaving her and her family shattered. As So-won struggles with physical and emotional recovery, her parents battle anger and despair. The community’s support and the family’s unwavering love are pivotal as they work towards healing and finding a new normal after the tragedy.

11. A Werewolf Boy

A mysterious feral boy with wolf-like behaviors is discovered by a family in the countryside. The daughter, Sun-yi, takes it upon herself to socialize him, naming him Chul-soo. Despite his wild nature, a deep and affectionate bond forms between them.

12. My Son

After serving time in prison to protect his employer, Joon-seok returns home only to find his life has crumbled—his wife has passed away, and his young son does not recognize him. Determined to rebuild the relationship, Joon-seok struggles to make amends and prove his devotion as a father.

13. Always

Cheol-min, a former boxer turned parking lot attendant, meets Jung-hwa, a blind woman who visits his booth nightly. A romance blossoms between them as they share their pasts and dreams. Their bond deepens, facing challenges together, and finding joy in their companionship despite their personal hardships.

14. Silenced

Newly appointed art teacher Kang In-ho uncovers shocking abuse at a school for the hearing-impaired. Horrified by the abuse inflicted by the faculty, In-ho takes it upon himself to fight for justice. His journey exposes systemic corruption and challenges societal indifference, sparking a nationwide call for change.

15. My First Client

Jung-yeob, a rookie lawyer, meets Da-bin, a young boy who confides in him about being abused by his own mother. Determined to protect Da-bin and bring his mother to justice, Jung-yeob challenges his professional skills and personal ethics as he fights for Da-bin’s safety.

16. More Than Blue

K, a music producer, discovers he is terminally ill and decides to hide his condition while preparing for his impending death. He plans a future for Cream, his best friend and secret love, without him. K’s journey is filled with moments of joy and sadness as he tries to ensure Cream’s happiness after he’s gone.

17. His Last Gift

On death row, Tae-ju learns he has a daughter living in poverty. With limited time, he uses his remaining days to secretly arrange a better future for her. This story reveals Tae-ju’s transformation as he finds redemption in ensuring his daughter’s happiness, demonstrating a father’s love from behind bars.

18. My Annoying Brother

Doo-shik, a petty criminal, is released from prison early to take care of his younger brother, Doo-young, who is a blind judo athlete. Their reunion is rocky as they clash over many issues. Over time, Doo-shik’s initially selfish motives change as he genuinely grows to care for Doo-young.

Remember, crying during a movie can be a cathartic experience, so don’t hold back the tears! Let these films take you on an emotional journey.

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