Top 18 Most Popular Korean Movies Of 2023 Worth Watching!

Korean cinema continues to take the world by storm, and 2023 was no exception! From heart-pounding thrillers to heartwarming comedies, South Korea has produced some good films.

But with so many amazing films released, where do you even begin? Don’t worry, movie lover, I’ve got you covered! Buckle up as here are the most popular Korean movies of 2023, all guaranteed to leave you entertained.

1. Concrete Utopia

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, the residents of Hwang Goong Apartments, the sole surviving building in Seoul, fight for survival. Lee Byung-hun portrays a cunning resident who manipulates others, while Park Seo-joon and Park Bo-young play complex characters with their own agendas.

2. Smugglers

Set in the 1970s, the film follows two women, Jo Cheon-ja (Kim Hye-soo) and Eom Jin-sook (Yum Jung-ah), who get entangled in a high-stakes smuggling operation. As they face the dangers of the criminal underworld, they cross paths with Sergeant Kwon (Zo In-sung), a notorious smuggler.

3. The Childe

Marco, a Filipino-Korean boxer, travels to South Korea searching for his wealthy father to fund his mother’s surgery. He soon finds himself entangled with gangsters and a shocking truth about his past. Action and mystery unfold with Kim Seon-ho and Kang Tae-joo in this neo-noir thriller.

4. Brave Citizen

Brave Citizen tells the story of So Shi-Min, a former boxing champion turned high school teacher who witnesses bullying and is inspired to take matters into her own hands. Starring Shin Hae-Sun and Lee Jun-Young, the film explores themes of justice and vigilantism.

5. Dream

Disgraced soccer player Yoon Hong-Dae coaches a ragtag team of homeless people for the Homeless World Cup. Despite their differences, they find purpose on the field. Starring Park Seo-joon and IU, “Dream” is a heartwarming story about overcoming adversity and achieving the impossible.

6. Cobweb

In 1970s South Korea, amidst stifling censorship, director Kim (Song Kang-ho) becomes fixated on reshooting the ending of his film. Driven by dreams, he clashes with actors, producers, and a chaotic set filled with rising stars like Im Soo-jung, Oh Jung-se, Jeon Yeo-been, and Krystal Jung.

7. Love Reset

In this movie ,a couple on the verge of divorce, played by Kang Ha-neul and Jung So-min, lose their memories in a car accident. With amnesia, they rediscover love, much to the dismay of their meddling families who devise a plan to jog their memories and see the divorce through.

8. The Moon

Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Doh Kyung-soo, and Kim Hee-ae, South Korea’s first crewed lunar mission goes awry, leaving astronaut Sun-woo stranded alone. Five years later, a rescue mission is launched, but another disaster strikes. Former space center director must help bring Sun-woo home.

9. Soulmate

It is the story of two friends, Mi-so and Ha-eun, who meet at the age of 11 and navigate 14 years of life, love, and change together. Played by Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee, the friends experience both closeness and distance as they pursue their dreams and navigate the complexities of love.

10. Unlocked

When marketing exec Na-Mi loses her phone, a charming stranger returns it, but his true intentions are sinister. As he uses her stolen data to manipulate and endanger her life, Na-Mi races against time to expose him. The film stars Chun Woo-hee, Im Si-wan, and Kim Hee-won.

11. Kill Boksoon

Single mom Bok-soon moonlights as a ruthless assassin, balancing bloody takedowns. Facing contract renewal, she’s thrust into a deadly game, hunted by colleagues and her own agency. Jeon Do-yeon shines as the conflicted killer, alongside Sol Kyung-gu and Kim Si-ah.

12. The Point Men

The film tells the story of a diplomat and a NIS agent who must work together to rescue Korean hostages taken by the Taliban in Afghanistan. IT stars Hwang Jung-min as the diplomat and Hyun Bin as the agent. It is based on the true events of the 2007 South Korean hostage crisis.

13. Phantom

Set in 1933 Korea under Japanese rule, it follows a deadly game of cat and mouse as five suspects are trapped in a secluded hotel, accused of being a spy. Starring Sol Kyung-gu, Lee Ha-nee, Park So-dam, Park Hae-soo, and Seo Hyun-woo, this thriller keeps you hooked.

14. Single in Seoul

Single in Seoul, starring Lee Dong-wook and Im Soo-jung, tells the story of Yeong-ho, a man who cherishes his solitude, and Hyeon-jin, a publisher who desperately seeks love. When Hyeon-jin commissions Yeong-ho to write an essay about the single life, their contrasting perspectives clash.

15. Jung_E

Set on a desolate future Earth, Jung_E follows a researcher who attempts to end a civil war by cloning the brain of her deceased mother. Starring Kang Soo-yeon, Kim Hyun-joo, and Ryu Kyung-soo, the film explores themes of war and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

16. 12.12: The Day

The movie tells the story of a nine-hour military coup attempt in 1979. Starring Hwang Jung-min and Jung Woo-sung, the film follows Jeon Doo-Gwang, the leader of a secret military group, as he tries to seize power. Lee Tae-Shin, another military commander, stands against the coup.

17. Boston 1947

An aspiring runner Yun-Bok chases Olympic glory at the 1947 Boston Marathon. Coached by a war-haunted legend, he battles self-doubt and prejudice to raise Korea’s flag on the world stage. Starring Im Si-wan and Ha Jung-woo, this film is a rousing tale of resilience and the power of sports to unite.

18. Ransomed

In war-torn Lebanon, unassuming diplomat Min-joon (Ha Jung-woo) risks all to deliver ransom for a kidnapped colleague. He tangles with taxi driver Pan-soo (Ju Ji-hoon), their unlikely partnership tested as they face danger and betrayal. Can they bring the hostage home alive?

That’s it! Now you have the best Korean movies added on your watchlist. Pick a movie that piques your interest, settle in, and enjoy the ride!

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